Rail Rush: Frenzied Endless Game Thet Can Get Addicting

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Rail Rush is another fun and frenzy endless runner game where players need to try to distance while collecting coins and gems. There will be obstacles along the way to make the gaming experience challenging. Oh, and by the way, you’ll not be running on foot but via cart. Players are to explore 5 different endless worlds with limitless possibility. Tracks are randomly created as you play. There are special gifts waiting for you and eggs to break for more gems. With the coins and gems you earn, you can buy new characters to play with. There are more than a dozen characters to choose from.

Game Key Features

  • Great selection of 18 playable characters.
  • Amazing power-up abilities
  • 10 different worlds to explore plus many hidden levels
  • Great graphics and interface
  • Engaging action-packed gameplay
  • Plenty of achievements to attain and climb the leaderboard

Rail Rush Overview

Just like other endless runner games, it is fairly easy to command or take control over how the cart moves. By tapping on certain directional keys, you swerve left and right, jump over from one rail track to another to avoid obstacles, and tilt left or right to collect coins and gems.

You can discover new and thrilling pathways to explore in each track in the mines. There are special events you can play to earn more gold nuggets. Rail Rush features many exciting environments in various settings like the Crazy Caves, survive some horde in the Zombie Caves, enjoy a sweet surrounding in Sweet Wonderland, traverse through the lush Amazon jungle, dive in the mesmerizing Undersea World, thrilling adventure in the HorrorLand, visit the wonderful Snow Land, tour in the Steam Factory, find your way out the Jurassic Jungle and scout the Pharaoh’s Tomb and the fun does not stop there, enjoy some surprise levels to come.

There are different power-ups you can equip your cart with to lengthen your ride through the mines and help you level up faster, complete missions and rank up.

Rail Rush offers smooth controls, an original world setting, and awesome graphics. Get ready to explore various worlds in a frenzied adventure. Hop on your cart and accelerate through the rails.